Working with cash flow solutions you can expect:
• Personal financial information will be held in the strictest confidence.
• We develop a thorough workable cash flow plan together.
• You will become a master at paying your bills on time, reducing debt and increasing your net worth.

• Your financial program will be tailored to your personal circumstances and priorities.

Our clients usually experience: Increased income, increased savings, increased net worth, Better sleep, get along with love ones better, get along with co-workers better, more satisfaction giving gifts, more pleasure in leisure activities, increased sense of security, more pleasure in dining out, more satisfaction in eating at home,  improved credit rating,  more fun shopping,  more money for the things you  really want, secure retirement,  substantial decrease in interest paid,  no more late fees,  no more bounced checks and fees.

Fees: Are based on the frequency of meetings and range from $175 a month for individual up to $300 a month for some businesses.